The Believe in La ilaha illal Lah or Tawhid has far-reaching effects on our life:

Control Over All Other Creation:

A Believer in Tawhid surrenders himself completely to the will of Allah and becomes His true servant. Allah has created all that is in the earth and heavens for the service of mankind. When a person surrenders himself to Allah’s commands, he gains control over all other creations in the universe.The Quran confirms this when it says,

“Have you not seen how Allah has made all that is in the earth subservient

to you?”(22: 65)  ” See you not, how Allah has made serviceable unto you,

whatever is in the sky and whatever is in the earth and has made His bounties

flow to you in exceeding measure (both) seen and unseen “(31 :20) 

These two verses clearly indicate that Allah has created everything on the earth and in the heavens for the service and comfort of humans.We  can hope to be served by other objects and creatures only when we believe and practice Tawhid  .This  Means we must be totally obedient to Allah.

Self Respect and Confiodence

It produces in the believer a high degree of self respect and confidence.He know that he depends on none but ALLAH of his needs.He firmly believes that Allah alone has the power to do good or harm to him.

When can a believer be confident and develop self-respect? He can be so only when he feels that he depends on none but his Creator for the fulfilment of his  needs

Humble and Modest

This belief makes a believer humble and modest. He is never arrogant or naughty.He fully aware that everything on earth belongs to Allah and he gains control over the rest of the creation only by being a subject of Allah. He knows that whatever he has, is from Allah. So there is no reason to be proud and boastful.

Dutiful and Upright

Belief in Tawhid makes a believer dutiful and upright.The believer know that he must carry out the commands of his Creator to succeed in this life and the life hereafter. This awareness keep him  away from neglecting his duties and from other sins.


It makes a believer contented . He does not become worried because he knows that Allah will take care of all his needs if he is truly obedient.

Brave and Courageous

It makes a person brave and courageous. It removes from his mind the fear of death or concern for safety. The believer knows that it is Allah who will cause the death at the appointed time and none but he harm the believer’s safety. So, if he obeys Allah , he has nothing to worry about.He goes on doing his duty without fear.

Best Creation of Allah

A believer in Tawhid consciously feels himself to be the part of whole universe.He is the best of all the creations of Allah- The Powerful Master of the whole universe .This belief broadens his horizon and his outlook expands

Determination, Patience and Perseverance

It produces in a believer strong Determination, Patience and Perseverance. The Believer becomes single-minded and dedicates himself to seeking the pleasure of His Creator.